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About The Cozy Sheep

The story of humans and our everlasting challenge with cold feet in the morning.

All our slippers are ECO-friendly certified and are made of 100 % wool

The Cozy Sheep is the story of Danes and our everlasting challenge with cold feet in the morning. Emil, the founder of the company, packed his suitcase and travelled throughout Europe until he finally found a tailor and sewing room that met his high standards. Together, they found the perfect material in 100% merino wool which turned out to be just right for making their slippers, which at that stage (2015) were still in development.

Since then, a lot of fantastic things have happened. We have sold more than 200.000 pairs of slippers both domestically and internationally. A milestone that we are extremely proud of because it has been the foundation for new jobs both in our company and with our production partners.

It should be sustainable, eco-friendly and of the highest quality

All our slippers are ECO-friendly certified. In short terms, this means good living conditions for the animals and it guarantees the purity in the wool we use. We are very proud to say that all our slippers are produced in 100 % pure merino wool.

We guarantee that ALL of our products will keep you wam.