Organic Icelandic lambskin

Lambskin is both timeless and practical, and it’s something we have used for many years to create warmth and cosiness. Our Icelandic lambskin is long-haired, as it is adapted to the cold environment of Iceland where the sheep live. Additionally, it is organically tanned and available in two beautiful colour shades, white and brown. So if you are aiming for a natural and Nordic look for your furniture, our Icelandic lambskin is the perfect choice.

Create cosiness and well-being with lambskin

Naturally, lambskin is heat-regulating, making it suitable for year-round use by both adults and children. Lambskin can be used in strollers and garden chairs, as well as on dining chairs, armchairs, and sofas. Many associate lambskin with comfort and cosiness, and it has become a significant part of Nordic interior design. No matter where you place your lambskin, it will undoubtedly invite many wonderful moments and create cosiness on both warm summer evenings and cold winter days.

Buy lambskin from The Cozy Sheep

At The Cozy Sheep, we are proud of our ECO Friendly certified products, and it means a lot to us when you choose our products for yourself or someone you hold dear. We care about nature and the wool we use, and we provide a warmth guarantee on all our products – especially in the Nordic region, where a little extra warmth is appreciated during the cold months. The main purpose of our products is to provide warmth, well-being, and cosiness to you and your loved ones.

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